Fantasy Football Draft Kit: Rankings, mocks, cheat sheets, sleepers and more (2024)

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The end of fantasy football draft season is nearly here! We're in the thick of it now, with the start of the NFL season just days away. If you haven't drafted yet, we've gathered all of our excellent analysis and advice here, in one place, to help you build those eventual championship-winning teams.

The 2023 Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft Kit is being updated daily and we’ll continue to add new content here all the way up until the season kicks off. So whether you’re playing Fantasy Football for the first time or a seasoned pro looking to add another title to your trophy case, our draft kit will provide all the rankings, sleepers, busts, position previews and more expert analysis you need to win.

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Draft Rankings

Who should be the top-ranked player this fantasy season?

A debate between Christian McCaffrey — fresh off a successful season with the 49ers — and Justin Jefferson — last season's top fantasy receiver — and Ja'Marr Chase — who has scored just three fewer touchdowns than Jefferson while playing in 21 fewer games — is raging.

Draft rankings

  • Top 300 overall

  • Quarterbacks

  • Running backs

  • Wide receivers

  • Tight ends

  • Defenses

  • Kickers

  • The hardest players to rank in 2023

Downloadable cheatsheets

2023 Rookie fantasy rankings

  • Top 24 rookies

2023 salary cap rankings tiers

  • Quarterbacks

  • Running backs

  • Wide receivers

  • Tight ends



Where expert rankings go wrong

Mock Drafts

The Yahoo Fantasy team is conducting mock drafts, with varying formats, to learn where their player convictions are the strongest and to help provide big-picture takeaways you can take into your drafts.

  • 10-team half-PPR | 12-team full-PPR | 10-team Dynasty startup | 10-team Superflex | Salary Cap | 10-team half-PPR 2.0

Draft Strategy

Fantasy Football Draft Kit: Rankings, mocks, cheat sheets, sleepers and more (1)

One of the season's biggest questions is whether to invest in one of the elite quarterbacks or to look to find value later. Twelve of the top 18 all-time fantasy seasons at this position were delivered over the past five years, so there's a strong case to be made to take one of the stars.

Going receiver early and often is also becoming more popular, leaving the Zero RB landscape in a different place than in years past. In many ways, receiver has become the new "It" position in fantasy football.



Deeper dives

  • Draft Day Blueprint: Don't get on the clock without this guide!

  • A breakdown of every draft strategy

  • Last-minute draft tips for late drafters

  • Mid-round picks that could be game-changers

  • Focus on winning September in your league — here's how to do it

  • Fantasy-relevant stats for all 32 teams

  • Perfect picks for every draft slot

  • Draft Distresses: Matt Harmon's 'What if I'm wrong?' players of 2023

  • Seven players we've changed our minds on this draft season

  • Safest picks in Rounds 1-10

  • How to avoid the most common draft mistakes

  • Four most important NFL teams to get right in 2023 fantasy

  • Late-round draft targets with easy early-season schedules

Position previews

  • Quarterbacks

  • Running backs

  • Wide receivers

  • Tight ends

🗣️ Draft debates

  • Who should be the No. 1 pick in drafts?

  • Who should be the second RB drafted after CMC?

  • Do you go QB early or go late?

  • Who should be the third WR after Jefferson and Chase?

  • Which tight end should be the second drafted after Kelce?

  • What does the perfect draft look like?

Busts ⛔️

Fades don't necessarily mean players on these lists are un-draftable, it's more about where they're being picked that makes it tough to justify the investment.



Sleepers 😴

There's plenty of draft value to be had, let's examine potential bargains at each position:

  • 32 NFL teams, 32 fantasy draft sleepers

  • Favorite late-round dart throws after pick 150

  • Post-hype sleepers set for takeoff

  • Five deep QB sleepers

  • Six RBs to consider late

  • The most underrated draft picks in Rounds 1-10

  • Five WRs who could surprise

  • Four underrated tight ends

Quarterback Advice

If you do opt to wait on a quarterback, there's still some solid choices in the later rounds.

  • Our top breakout picks at QB

  • Ranking the top-10 fantasy QB and WR duos

  • 2023 quarterback position preview

  • Is waiting at quarterback still the right draft strategy? | Go early or go late?

  • How rookie QBs will impact their offenses

  • Why Watson is one of the top draft bargains | Other steals

  • Why Sam Howell is a shrewd late-round QB target in deep leagues

Running Back Advice

Running back has been devalued in the NFL, and that's somewhat reflective in the fantasy landscape, with fewer automatic fantasy RB1s available, more committees to sift through and contract disputes leaving us with more questions than we'd like come draft time.



About the only thing that most can agree on is Christian McCaffrey is the top back. After that, player rankings and strategy is up for debate.

  • 2023 running back position preview

  • 5 backfields we're watching in Week 1

  • Jonathan Taylor's stock falls after failed trade talks land him on PUP list

  • Our favorite picks for breakout at RB

  • Beyond Bijan and Gibbs, which rookie RBs can you trust?

  • The most valuable backups to draft in 2023

  • Who should be the second RB drafted after CMC?

  • Can you win a league in 2023 using Zero RB?

  • The RB Dead Zone of 2023, and how to draft each player in it

  • The draft disrespect for Aaron Jones

  • The muddiest backfield committees and how to draft them

  • Najee Harris vs. Jahmyr Gibbs — Who'll be the better Bama back?

  • RB draft market check-in

Wide Receiver Advice

The position is just so rich with quality players at all levels of NFL rosters. The fantasy football space has reacted. Wideouts are being selected earlier than ever. It would have been unthinkable five years ago that this many receivers had consensus ADPs in Round 1 (five on Yahoo before Cooper Kupp's hamstring injury).



  • 2023 wide receiver position preview

  • Matt Harmon's 13 candidates to be 2023's WR1

  • Top breakout candidates at WR

  • Popular WRs to consider avoiding in drafts

  • Ranking the top-10 fantasy QB and WR duos

  • Who should be the third WR drafted after Jefferson and Chase?

  • Best WRs age-25 and under

  • Setting rookie WRs expectations

Tight End Advice

The position has become fantasy football's toughest position to navigate unless you decide to invest a first-round pick in Travis Kelce, which presents its own set of challenges.

  • 2023 tight end position preview

  • Our top TE picks to break out in 2023

  • Which tight end should be the second drafted after Kelce?

The All...

  • Rookie team

  • Bounce-back team

  • Breakout team

  • Boring team (Don't forget these vets)

📈 ADP trends 📉

  • Where things stand as preseason wraps

  • What's behind Penny's plummet after Week 2?

  • Biggest changes after preseason Week 1

  • Is volume enough for James Conner?

  • Early ADPs that seem off

Additional Draft Prep Content

  • Players who will shape the season

  • Players with break-the-game upside to draft

  • Scott Pianowski's 'My Guys' draft targets for 2023

  • The easiest narrow-usage tree fantasy offenses of 2023

  • Five fantasy projection takeaways

  • Players poised to pulverize their 2023 projections

  • Who will be the 2023 versions of 2022 surprises?

  • Fantasy predictions for the AFC | NFC

  • Fantasy power rankings | NFL team outlook

  • Don't ignore these Year 2-3 players in fantasy football drafts

Get ready for Week 1

  • Week 1 rankings: Get help with your lineup

  • Players to add before the season starts

Draft advice from the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

  • Draft tips | Projections vs. ranks | Best, worst ADPs | Hardest players to rank

  • Position previews: Quarterback | Running back | Wideout | Tight end | DST/K

  • Week 1 lessons | QB strategy | The perfect roster | RB values | Salary cap tips

  • Sleeper targets | Bold predictions | Bust candidates | Breakouts | Best bets

  • Guys we've changed our minds on | Recapping the Ekeler Invitational League

  • FYIs for all 32 teams | What consensus ADP gets wrong | Final draft advice

  • Bold predictions for the season

Getting started and making leagues better

  • How to play fantasy football

  • Funny fantasy team names to inspire your creativity

  • When should your football league draft?

  • Personalities you'll meet at your draft: The Expert, The Troll and more

  • Bored of your league settings? Try these three!

  • How to play in a 2QB or Superflex league

Fantasy Football Draft Kit: Rankings, mocks, cheat sheets, sleepers and more (2024)
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